Highly available block storage

Attach secure and scalable SSD-based Volumes Block Storage to your Droplet.


Highly available

Your data is stored on hardware separated from your Droplet and replicated multiple times across different racks, reducing the chances of data loss in case of hardware failure.


Live resize

Easily scale block storage from 1GB up to 16TB, resize them if you need more space, and move them between Droplets.


Reliable and secure

All your data is encrypted at rest and transmitted to the Droplets over isolated networks.


Attach Volumes to your Droplet

Add more storage space, mix and match compute and storage to suit your database, file storage, application, service, mobile, and backup needs.

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Outstanding performance at an amazing price

Pay only for provisioned capacity – no need for complicated formulas to determine the overall cost for transactions or IOPs. Attach additional SSD-based block storage to your Droplet at $0.10/GB per month.

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Programmatically control your volumes

Our API enables you to deploy and manage your block storage in a simple, programmatic way.

Expand Droplet storage space and manage block storage using conventional HTTP requests. Take any number of requests and actions – including creating Volumes, attaching, detaching, and retrieving Volume information – with curl commands or the official Ruby and Go API wrappers. Includes OAuth support.

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volume = DropletKit::Volume.new(
  name: 'volume-01',
  region: 'nyc3',
  size_gigabytes: 10
curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
     -H "Authorization: Bearer b7d03a6947b217efb6f3ec3bd3504582" \
     -d '{"name": "volume-01", "region": "nyc1", "size_gigabytes":10, "filesystem_type":"ext4"}' \
volCreateReq := &godo.VolumeCreateRequest{
	Name:           "volume-01",
	SizeGigaBytes:  10,
	Region:         "nyc1",
	FilesystemType: "ext4",

volume, _, err := client.Storage.CreateVolume(ctx, volCreateReq)
doctl compute volume create "volume-01" --region nyc3 --size 10GiB --fs-type ext4

Do more with block storage

Dive deep into storage-related topics and setups with the help of our easy-to-follow tutorials.

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