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We help industrial companies craft digital-first B2B marketing strategies that elevate you above your competition and transform the way you engage your customers.

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Your customers are changing, are you?

Historically offline B2B buying decisions are increasingly online buying decisions. Even among industrial companies, customers are more and more turning to digital channels in order to discover, qualify, and ultimately decide on their vendor partners. Industrial companies with complex niche products, finite markets, and long sales cycles need new ways to target, build awareness, and engage with prospective buyers.

The landscape has shifted, buyers have changed, and your sales and marketing strategy needs to change with it.

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Of Industrial/Manufacturing Purchases Are Now Influenced By Digital

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Of B2B Companies Are Now Acquiring Leads Through LinkedIn Paid Ads

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Of B2B Buyers Surveyed Say They Increasingly Expect A B2C Like Buying Experience

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Of All B2B Researchers And Buyers Are Millennials

Some of our Clients

LinkedIn Experts

We Are LinkedIn Experts

LinkedIn has changed the game for industrial B2B sales and marketing. Previously unreachable decision-makers are suddenly only a message away, gatekeepers no longer have a gate to keep, and marketers have the unprecedented ability to get their company brand and message in front of a hyper-targeted group of best-fit customers. At Konstruct we’ve been on the LinkedIn train for a long time now. We were early advocates of its ability to transform sales and marketing for our B2B customers, and since that time it has become our premier channel for account based marketing (ABM) campaigns and digital sales enablement.

Industrial B2B Marketing Campaigns

Strategy & Consultation

Digital marketing is in a constant state of flux. Tactics that delivered tremendous ROI last year are suddenly flatlining, audiences are shifting to different channels, and the expectation of modern digital experience is changing constantly. We eat, drink, breathe, and love this world, and it is this total immersion combined with our history working with industrial B2B companies that allows us to craft highly effective marketing strategies which transform brands and revolutionize sales and marketing pipelines.

Social Media Channels
Organic Social Media Marketing

Account Based Marketing Campaigns

How does marketing fit into the world of complex niche products, finite markets, and complex buying processes? The answer to this is account based marketing (ABM), a proven method for focusing your marketing budget on hyper-targeted best-fit customers who might otherwise be unreachable by your sales staff. Stop wasting your pitch on gatekeepers and get your message in front of the decision-makers.

Effective Website Design

Is your website your best salesman? Does it pitch your services clearly and persuasively? Does it support the entire buyer journey? Too often, especially among industrial B2B websites, the answer is no. An effective website communicates your unique company value clearly and unambiguously, without requiring existing knowledge of your business. It needs to deliver an engaging online experience, while educating a visitor why they should buy from you, and what you do better than anyone else.

Effective Web Design
Digital Sales Enablement

Digital Sales Enablement

Stop thinking sales OR marketing, start thinking sales-and-marketing. The dividing line where one stops and the other begins has been blurred, and digital sales enablement needs to be a core part of any digital strategy. If your sales team isn’t taking advantage of the myriad of research and outreach tools provided through platforms like LinkedIn and Google to leapfrog gatekeepers and directly engage the decision-makers, you are falling behind your competition.

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