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Matt Cox standing with his arms crossed

Matt Cox

Managing Partner

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Matt is a serial digital entrepreneur and pioneer. Before Konstruct, Matt cut his teeth co-founding a Calgary based multi-million dollar e-commerce startup. Wishing to broaden his horizons, he then moved to Norway where he transitioned his experience into running his first digital agency focused on the European market.

Matt’s two decades of diverse digital media experience gives him a unique strategic perspective, and he is an expert at crafting highly effective multi-channel digital-first strategies, with a special passion for B2B account-based marketing of commercial, industrial, and manufacturing clients of all sizes.

Amanda Thomas smiling

Amanda Thomas

Managing Partner

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As a teenager in the 90’s, Amanda taught herself web development by creating band fan websites with Geocities. It's a past we won't let her forget (we will pay a bounty if anyone can find one of these sites!).

Since this time, Amanda parlayed her young experience and formal education into the successful operation of multi-million dollar companies. She's one of Canada's leading authorities on all things SEO and digital, effortlessly translating theory into successful execution. A thought leader in the field, Amanda's work is frequently cited in leading digital marketing publications.

Joel Messner smiling with a flames jersey

Joel Messner

Head of Search

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Joel is a man of many talents. At one point in Joel’s storied career, he was a portrait photographer. And a news reporter. And a sportscaster. He’s also able to recite exhaustive performance statistics on the Calgary Flames, a skill he’s rarely asked to demonstrate.

As head of our search team, Joel is in charge of the overall search marketing strategy for every Konstruct client. Joel lives and breathes a single word: results. He is passionate about driving his team to generate growth for his clients using his sweeping knowledge of SEO, paid advertisement, and social tactics.

Kim Findlay posing with her Jiu-Jitsu blue belt

Kim Findlay

Digital Strategist

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Kim is our resident butt-kicker here at Konstruct! Her badass accomplishments are extensive, one of which is (almost) getting her blue belt in Jiu-Jitsu. Don’t get it twisted - she WILL get her blue belt as soon as this pandemic stops getting in her way!

Kim kicks butt both in her free time and at work for her clients. As a forward-thinking digital marketing enthusiast, Kim has an unwavering curiosity for the latest and greatest digital marketing trends, innovations and strategies. She’s always on the hunt for the next “big thing” that will put her clients ahead of the pack.

Tryphena Fraser holding her helmet

Tryphena Fraser

Digital Strategist

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Tryphena was such a fan of our work at Konstruct, she made the switch from client to Konstruct team member! We were such a fan of Tryphena, we welcomed her with open arms. Tryphena is undoubtedly a “people person”. Her sunny personality and stories about riding around town on her Vespa are sure to brighten up a room.

On top of gardening, playing with her chihuahuas, and Vespa-ing, Tryphena’s passions lie in creative digital marketing growth strategies and customer service. She’s all about nurturing relationships and getting to know the ins and outs of her clients to deliver top-notch results.

Denise Ebata smiling with her books and camera

Denise Ebata

Digital Strategist

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A true altruist, Denise’s passion in life is helping those around her. Whether she’s teaching English in Japan, fostering an 8-month old puppy with a broken leg, or driving results for her clients, Denise is always there to lend a helping hand.

When we asked Denise about the best part of her job, her answer was so awesome we can’t help but quote her directly. She said, “ I love being a part of a brand's journey and hearing the stories that help shape who they were, who they are now, and who they want to become.”

Katrine Sorensen smiling with her hands on her hips

Katrine Sorensen

Digital Strategist

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Born and raised in sunny Denmark, Katrine’s father once ran an experiment to see how long it would take her to get sick of ice cream if he gave it to her every time she asked. To the best of our knowledge, she still isn’t sick of ice cream, although she no longer lives in Denmark...

Don’t let Katrine’s quiet demeanor fool you, as under the surface she is fiercely competitive about getting the best results for her clients and insatiably curious about the latest digital marketing trends and strategies.

Brady Bateman smiling wearing his sweater

Brady Bateman

SEO Specialist

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When Brady first referred to himself as a “total nerd”, we knew he would fit in perfectly with our team at Konstruct! Brady loves to spend his free time playing video games. When he’s not dominating the rankings in Overwatch, he’s in dad-mode playing with his son.

When it comes to SEO, Brady loves to dive deep and learn what makes Google tick. This helps him figure out the best ways to solve client problems and optimize websites to truly help our clients succeed.

Anna Ferensowicz smiling wearing a cardigan

Anna Ferensowicz

Digital PR Specialist

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If you looked up “well-travelled” in the dictionary, you’d probably see a picture of Anna smiling back at you. With accomplishments such as meeting the 14th Dalai Lama in Poland and visiting the ancient city of Petra in Jordan (aka. one of the seven wonders of the world), it’s safe to say that Anna has been around the block.

Although she may have failed to become BFFs with the Dalai Lama, Anna is great at fostering relationships. She loves being an advocate for her clients and strongly believes in the importance of showing rather than telling why they’re so great.

Hannah smiling at the camera with crossed arms

Hannah von Rothkirch

Content & Social Media Specialist

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If you're thinking you've seen Hannah before you could be right! As resident singer/dancer in revolucionparty, Hannah has performed at festivals, weddings, and corporate events across Canada. Hannah is an expert at engaging with her audiences, a skill that serves her equally well in music and marketing.

A sucker for an expertly crafted Instagram feed and workaholic, Hannah stops at nothing to create the most engaging and high-converting content for her clients that people are not only excited to read, but share and link.

Aiesha Hinds posing wearing a sleveless top

Aiesha Hinds

Content & Social Media Specialist

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Creativity is practically in Aiesha’s blood. When she’s not designing art pieces for her apartment, she’s either got her nose deep in a great book, or she’s cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

Aiesha is our reigning Queen of Puns here at Konstruct. Her extensive vocabulary and love of wordplay make it easy for her to create addictive content that really captures her audience’s attention and makes them excited to click “read more”.

Grace striking a confident pose

Grace Yu Li

PPC Specialist

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As a handywoman with a green thumb, Grace’s passions lie in both gardening and home improvement. You can catch Grace at Home Depot on the weekends searching for supplies for her next plumbing or electrical project. We also hear she can grow a mean tomato straight from the seeds!

Although Grace is a jack of all trades, she’s a real master of PPC! As a trained economist and statistician, Grace knows her way around numbers and data. This allows her to efficiently analyze impressions, clicks, and conversions, and get the maximum return on ads spending for our clients.

Wesley Lean Mariano holding his tablet

Wesley Lean Mariano


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Wesley believes that great friendships require the occasional pistol duel. When he's not schooling co-workers on making beautiful designs, he's schooling friends in the finer points of first-person shooters.

Wesley understands that aesthetics are an essential part of making compelling content and lives to craft beautiful and engaging visual experiences for his clients.

CJ Wesstrom shivering with a trapper hat on

CJ Wesstrom

Development Lead

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CJ took the scenic route to his career as a web developer, with a brief stop as a social worker in his native Sweden before finding his true calling. He used to look like this, which we can only assume has something to do with why he moved to Canada many years ago.

CJ forges digital solutions with the precision of a modern-day craftsman and fervently applies this skill to everything he touches.

Brian Pollock with a confident smirk

Brian Pollock


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As a genuine music junkie, Brian is always digging for new sounds. During our weekly Zoom meetings, Brian can often be found chilling in front of his wall-to-wall shelves of records. Need more proof of Brian’s musical passions? Brian is also one of the top two contributors to our Konstruct music Slack channel! (It’s a super close call between Brian & CJ).

On top of his obvious interests in music, Brian is also passionate about the latest and greatest technologies on the web. His skills in coding and design help to bring our clients’ websites to life and make all their web dev dreams a reality.

Naomi Osborne

Naomi Osborne

Office Manager

A soulful person at heart, Naomi strives to live each day present in the moment whether that’s spent gardening, baking, doing yoga or playing video games. Born and raised in Calgary, Naomi has a passion for travelling and spent 2 years perfecting the art of ordering the perfect croissant while living in France.

In the office, Naomi is all about creating a working environment that inspires a perfect blend of creativity and productivity that allows our team to deliver the best possible work for their clients.