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  • Problems with sessions in django

    I have deployed my site in django in an Ubuntu droplet. I have no problem with the deployment and everything seems to be in order. However, when I want to start a session, it does not persist, therefore I do not maint...
    No answers yet0 days agoBy Greg-502DeploymentDigitalOcean DropletsDjangoPythonUbuntu
  • New to k8s and DOKS, can comment on, or review of my BOM?

    I want to deploy “cf for k8s” in DOKS (because I’m used to CF).My web app will need a Postgres database. Data storage will be very low (< 1 GB). At a bare minimum this would be: kubernetes cluster of 1 node 1vcpu 1GB ...
    No answers yet0 days agoBy piejanssensDigitalOcean Managed KubernetesDigitalOcean Managed Load BalancersDigitalOcean Managed PostgreSQL Database
  • E-mail in Cpanel is not working but site is on Digital Ocean

    Hi guys, so as I set up probably stupid question about my problem but if you can help me I’m going to be grateful. So I created droplets on the digital ocean and set up my domain NS(1,2,3) record to DigitalOcean my we...
    No answers yet0 days agoBy Marin IvandicDigitalOceanDigitalOcean DropletsDNSEmail
  • How To Redirect IP Reverse Proxy Nginx To New IP Nginx

    Can help me for How To Redirect IP Reverse Proxy Nginx To New IP Nginx ?Thanks For your answer :)
    No answers yet0 days agoBy LittleTurquoiseShipNginx
  • App Platform: Simple Express App Only Serves Static file Instead of Res.Json?

    I’m a pretty new to Digital Ocean and App Platform, so hopefully my question is simple (sorry in advance for any stupidity!). I have launched a NodeJS Express App on App Platform as WebService component for my back-en...
    No answers yet1 day agoBy Pauline CerauloDigitalOcean App PlatformNode.js
  • Droplet billing: is it granular after the first hour?

    Hi everyone, I am wondering how exactly are droplets billed at a granular level (minutes and seconds). Let’s say a droplet is billed $1 per hour for the sake of argument. From what I understand, Digital Ocean bills on...
    No answers yet1 day agoBy AntoineBillingDigitalOcean Droplets
  • How to start Symfony messenger consume on App Platform

    Hello,I deployed a Symfony application on App Platform and I would like to use the messenger system for sending mail asynchronously.To do this, I have to launch a command inside the “server” and that it restarts durin...
    No answers yet1 day agoBy contactSnorklerDigitalOcean App Platform
  • Static Blazor app deployment failed, probable temporary Microsoft problem

    I created a static Blazor app locally and pushed to GitHub and created a DigitalOcean app for it. The (first-time) deployment is failing but it appears to be a temporary Microsoft problem. So there might be nothing an...
    No answers yet1 day agoBy Sam HobbsApplicationsDeployment
  • App Platform load slow with domain and fast without domain

    Hello, I have 3 App’s Platform, the main app have a domain attached, this app load slow the first time that a user entry to the web, but if instead this domain I use the DigitalOcean Live App URL this app load very fa...
    No answers yet1 day agoBy Kevin Andrey Bueno SolanoApplicationsDigitalOcean App Platform

    Hello guys, I am a newbie to start a IP DOMAIN + wordpress blog website. I am just confusing how to set the IP DOMAIN to HTTPS / SSL. Please help. Thank you.
    No answers yet2 days agoBy BigDarkBlueFishWordPress
  • Use Internal pod name as dns

    Hello, i am pretty new to digitalocean, i am deploying a small poc. I am trying to make a call between two of my pods but i can’t find the correct way. I have a pod-a linked on internet by a load balancer. Then on thi...
    No answers yet2 days agoBy bonnetvincKubernetes
  • Updates and Changes to Droplet - Gunicorn Command

    Hello, I was wondering whether it is better after making changes such as uploading updated files to my droplet (Ubuntu Server) should I do which command for Gunicorn restart: PID=$(systemctl show --value -p MainPID gu...
    1 answer2 days agoBy mpasqualiDigitalOcean DropletsUbuntu 20.04
  • version `GLIBC_2.28' not found after running a force/build/deploy on my existing Apps

    I have a few static websites deployed using Digital Ocean’s App and all of them suddenly (upon rebuild/redeploy) failed to deploy due this error. 42:44] Project contains yarn.lock, using yarn [2022-04-19 21:42:44] War...
    Accepted Answer: Hey, it seems that the plaform app is now installing node 18 by default and creating problems in apps that don’t run on that version. Specifying my node version in package.json solved the problem. "engines": { "node":...
    2 answers2 days agoBy Alvin ReyesInfrastructureDigitalOcean 1-Click Apps MarketplaceReact
  • Does App support docker composer?

    I have an app that uses docker composer to manage multiple containers. Can I use it in App Platform?
    1 answer2 days agoBy 893b9e614985-48f7-b391-fa1ea8DigitalOcean App PlatformDocker
  • Connection time out error when trying to connect Node App on app platform to a managed database?

    Hey, so I’m using digital ocean for the first time and I’m working to deploy a node app on app platform and connecting to a mySQL database. I’m having issues connecting the app to the managed database. I get this erro...
    1 answer2 days agoBy Efe ImoloameDigitalOcean App PlatformMySQLNode.js
  • Digital Ocean Static SPA App - how to set htaccess

    I want to host a SPA React app on a Digital Ocean static app, for this to be effective, I need to be able to share e.g. This results in a 404 error as it needs a .htaccess file to divert correctly a...
    1 answer2 days agoBy Darren SweeneyReact
  • Access Droplet Timeout problem

    I can’t access droplet since yesterday. When I try to connect with console, I am getting timeout.
    2 answers3 days agoBy SwimmingDarkCyanShrimpDigitalOcean Droplets
  • DNS record does not propagate

    In the past I have created a droplet with a LAMP stack and successfully configured the let’s encrypt certificate using the domain name ‘ ’. Today I deleted the droplet and started over. There is a...
    Accepted Answer: Hello there, Looking at the main domain - it is using external nameservers meaning the active DNS zone for this domain name is not controlled by your DigitalOcean account but by a third-party provider. You...
    1 answer3 days agoBy hepaboluDNS
  • This is more of a FYI for Digital Ocean staff

    I have setup my account through google and unable to add comments anywhere. I was hoping to update my own ticket and I get this following error: An error occurred when saving the comment: API call failed: POST https:/...
    1 answer3 days agoBy cameron aeroAPI
  • If I upgrade my plan will I loose my files and database?

    Should I download all my data and files, open a new droplet and reset everything in order to upgrade my plans? If not, where do I upgrade my plan, please? tks! ;-)
    1 answer3 days agoBy diegplblogConfiguration ManagementDigitalOcean